What is the difference between Windows VPS hosting and dedicated server?

Well, Windows VPS hosting and a dedicated server is mostly preferred and recommended hosting types by web developers all over the world. The main reason behind their recommendation would be the easiness of including Windows Applications in the host server. Nevertheless, there may be more advantages. But here we are going to discuss the difference between Windows VPS hosting and Dedicated Windows Server. In general, It is hard to highlight the differences between Windows VPS hosting and a Windows Dedicated Server, some who we successfully managed to pinpoint those differences take a look.

Go through our article and make yourself aware of the highlighting differences between these two servers. 

Windows VPS Hosting

Windows VPS hosting server can be partitioned into individual servers and used as multiple separate servers. Though you own the entire server, you pay for what you use. All your information is stored in the Cloud with which the security of the server becomes more tightened so that no one can hack your web information so easily. Moreover, during disasters or accidental downtime of one single server, you can easily transfer your files within minutes so that your website will always maintain its uptime as guaranteed by the service provider.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is also an individual server wherein you will have a dedicated IP address and the entire server cannot be partitioned. You pay rent for the entire web space irrespective of usage. It is quite costly but very secure as you will receive a private nameserver. Only if you go for a managed & best-dedicated server, during downtimes, the service provider will be able to support you with files backup.

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Which is best – Windows VPS hosting or Best dedicated server?

VPS hosting is similar to shared hosting, but you will have a dedicated IP address and server that can be partitioned and used for several other purposes. Say, for example, if you have multiple websites for various products and want to list down individually, then Windows VPS hosting will act as individual shared hosting on one single server. You will have one control panel to manage multiple accounts. If you are a startup or medium-sized business, then Windows VPS hosting will be the best option.

A best-dedicated server is completely owned by you, where you can host unlimited domains and sub-domains within the webspace that you purchase. You cannot maintain multiple servers on a dedicated server; rather, you can host unlimited domains based on the plan that you choose on the available webspace. You can increase the web space in the future by buying it separately but again cannot perform partition. This can be considered by large scale businesses or businesses that have multiple websites or that yield more traffic.

Both the servers cater to extremely high-end features but resource allocation is something that you need to look into. In Windows VPS hosting, you can allocate the resources, scale it up or down according to your business need, whereas in a dedicated server, though you can scale up or down, still you will pay for the webspace that has not been used by you.

How Windows VPS hosting differs from maintaining the Best Dedicated server?

Except that the resource allocation can be restricted in Best Dedicated Server, the features of both the servers are almost the same. In Dedicated server, you can restrict the usage of resources as per the authorized users allowed, whereas in VPS hosting, you cannot restrict the same because being a shared hosting type, it is not possible to allocate the entire resources of the single server equally to all other servers when partitioned.

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Moreover, in a best dedicated server, you can control everything with regular monitoring and avoid resources overlapping with users. You can customize the resources allocated to your server and scale up or down the technical needs of your website(s).

However, both hosting has its own strengths and weakness but picking a reliable host provider is essential to avail the real benefits from these two hosting types. As far as the reviews and rating concern, India’s eWebGuru manages to grab the title of the most trusted hosting solution provider in India. 

Why eWebGuru? 

Before you purchase a server, eWebGuru offers technical advice based on your requirement in case you do not have clarity on which server to choose. Depending on your business complexity, you can choose between Windows VPS, Dedicated server and Windows Reseller hosting. 

eWebGuru does not show variations in catering features according to hosting types. Only the resource allocation and price varies according to your need; otherwise, all features are applicable for all the hosting plans.

On furthermore clarification, on choosing Windows hosting or any hosting for that matter, you can contact eWebGuru’s customer support team, who are available round-the-clock for all 365 days a year.

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