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And Now, What is Trend in Instagram?

There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the top social networks of the moment. While brands use it as one of the main advertising channels for Millennials and Generation Z, the rest we use to publish our best photos. The network is clear that to survive you have to reinvent yourself every day. Next, we show you its latest trends.

Given the pressure of the growth of the TikTok application, Instagram has not wanted to be left behind and has announced new functions based on the analysis of the latest results.

Users of this social network increasingly publish more stories to the detriment of using the feed. The network takes advantage of this data by incorporating new features such as filters or masks. In addition, it has been seen that questions, surveys and stickers generate a lot of engagement among users. According to the internal data of the application, it is shown that nine times out of ten, the survey tag increases the views of the published video.

As for the stickers, the analysis concludes that they are working very well. For this reason, the app proposes a new strategy that is based on creating a greater number of improved and original stickers of the brands themselves, which they want to announce.

The importance of good positioning

On the other hand, more than 200 million users check the ‘explore’ tab on a daily basis, where they find publications tailored to them. Instagram has thus found a way to link directly to IGTV, the channel within the network where videos can be published in a vertical format and with no duration limit, and to the Store. In this, the user can see all the advertising products adapted according to their interests and it is also possible to buy immediately.

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Very related to the option to buy directly through the application, the idea of ​​being able to label the clothes and accessories of the influencers is born so that their followers can access the products directly.

But on Instagram, the influencers not only involve sales and promotion also have to thank fashion #nofilter. Through this hashtag, they claim the real representation, beyond Photoshop and the repair to show how it really is. The actress Jameela Jamil is one of the biggest drivers of this movement showing herself as she is in her photographs.

And, of course, Instagram also has to deal with rumours that fly through the net. The one that has made the most noise in recent months has been the supposed launch of an internal messaging application for users to relate to each other, which would leave out direct messages. Although, at the moment, it seems that to enjoy this service you will have to wait.


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