How to promote a podcast?

Podcasts take less time to edit and less effort than writing a blog post for your audience. For these reasons, it is a popular way of content marketing for a huge number of businesses. so, do you have some episodes already, but have no idea how to promote them? In this post, we are going to share some popular approaches to promote your podcast. Enjoy!

Publish on YouTube

Youtube is a combination of both search engines and social media. So, you have a better chance to showcase your podcasts to a huge audience. Do you have some already recorded podcasts? You can use Youtube for huge engagement. Convert them into videos and upload them on Youtube. Publishing your podcasts on this platform also provides SEO benefits. So, make sure you have optimized each episode with proper title tags and keywords so that you get a more search audience. 


Use social media

Social media is a huge platform for promoting podcasts if you can use it in the right ways. Almost all social media allows you to post links in bio and post. Get it as an advantage. For instance, pin your latest or the best episode on your Twitter profile or Facebook page so that they catch people’s eyes easily. Use relevant hashtags in the post to help people find your podcasts. Never feel shy to post the same episode several times.

Write guest post

Guest blogging is an excellent and quick way to grab a target audience. When you write a guest post on a popular website, it helps you to build authority, self-branding, and get instant traffic. In general, guest posts are written for building high-authority backlinks. But, you can promote your podcast link in guest posts as well. Write a thorough guest post and include your podcast link using a proper anchor and CTA for more clicks.

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Become popular

People are naturally attracted to popular things. When they find you a popular podcaster, chances are they will listen to your podcast eagerly. If you create a series of quality podcasts and publish them constantly, you will have a good number of followers and reviews. It will take time for sure. So, you can go a different way. If you host your podcasts on Soundcloud, you can try Soundcloud plays shop here. Though they aren’t popular yet, make them look popular so that people tend to listen to them.

Be a guest

You should focus more on networking with other podcasters. When you have a good relationship with others, there is a higher chance to get invited to other’s podcasts. Being a guest on other podcasts and get mentioned is a big chance to promote your podcast naturally. You can also invite others to join your podcast. If they are invited, they will share it with their followers for sure.


A giveaway is amazing to keep a better engagement with the audience. Are you celebrating your latest podcast episode? Announce it to your followers and tell them to tag their friends to listen to your podcast too. Besides, post a photo of a giveaway and declare that the highest tagger will win it! This is simple and effective since people love to get giveaways.


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