Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Testing

Businesses and software developers are using the cloud to test software applications. This process is called cloud testing, and its purpose is to determine whether a particular software meets the preset standards. Software developers look for non-functional and functional capabilities within the tested software. If they are satisfied with the requirements, they will label the software as fully functional.

What Is Cloud Testing?

Initially, software developers used on-site computing services to test new software applications. It was soon discovered that such a process required massive resources and extended periods. To tackle this problem, people started performing most of these functions on the cloud. They soon realized that the cloud offered a flexible, scalable, and reliable testing service.

Types of Cloud Testing

There are four ways that you can conduct cloud testing.

Cloud testing

Whole Cloud Testing

In this type of testing, you will be treating the cloud as one entity. All its features will be used during the testing process. This process usually is not used, but SaaS vendors have found a lot of success with it. Some end-users may also prefer whole cloud testing.

Testing Inside the Cloud

Instead of treating the cloud as one entity, you can view it as a collection of several components. Therefore, you will test one feature at a time. Even if one feature fails the test, you won’t declare the entire cloud to be a failure. Generally, this process is limited to cloud vendors because they are the only ones with access to internal cloud features.

Testing Across the Cloud

As you may already know, there are different clouds, including hybrid, public, and private clouds. Sometimes, you may decide to conduct cloud testing across all platforms.

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SaaS Testing in Cloud

Each application requirement undergoes SaaS testing. You will be looking for functionality and applicability. At the end of the testing process, you will determine whether that particular application is compatible, efficient, and secure. You may also come up with other metrics such as performance and integrity.

During the cloud testing process, you will be checking for things such as infrastructure network and application. If you are testing the application, you must ensure that the cloud can sync with browsers, security tools, and business functions. If you are checking the network, your focus will be on data transfer protocols and bandwidth. 

Finally, if the testing process is oriented towards the infrastructure, storage backups and recovery testing will be the mainstay of the testing procedure.

Who Needs to be Certified

Anybody involved in the process of application development certification needs the certification. For example, if you implement new software, you will need to be certified. Similarly, if your business just launched a new mobile app, you may need to show professional certification in the field of cloud computing. Therefore, software developers, e-commerce owners, and security experts need to undertake cloud testing certification courses. Students need it more because it will make their CV look better.

Benefits of Cloud Testing Certification

You will enjoy many benefits as a certified cloud computing tester. For example, you will be able to demonstrate your experience in handling cloud computing issues. Additionally, you will be at the forefront of helping your business move its resources to the cloud. 

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Another significant benefit of cloud computing is that it enables businesses to stimulate economic value by implementing cloud innovations. People who are certified to conduct cloud testing will have a greater understanding of the legal data framework. As a result, they can help their businesses to comply with existing online data handling regulations.

If you are looking for a job, perhaps it’s time that you undertook a cloud testing course. You will be surprised with how potential employers will become more interested in your candidature once they see your cloud testing certification.

GAQM Certification Services

There are so many benefits of enrolling in the GAQM cloud testing certification program. Any market observer will tell you that cloud testing will be the hottest career in the coming decades. Some experts estimate that more than 14 million jobs will be created for cloud testers within the next three years. Furthermore, many of these jobs will not be within the IT sector. Market trends show that all industries will be moving their services to the cloud soon. Therefore, many industries will require the services of cloud testers.

If you choose to study cloud testing at GAQM, you can expect many benefits. First, you will do an exam of about 40 questions, each with multiple choices. Successful candidates will need at least 28 correct questions. However, you don’t have to attend any physical school as all their exams are done online. 

GAQM doesn’t want to waste your time, and that is why the examination has been limited to just 60 minutes. Nevertheless, they will require you to retake the exam if you fail it on the first attempt. The best part is that their certification will never expire. Moreover, GAQM is a certified cloud testing institution acknowledged by most of the world’s cloud computing platforms.

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