Essential Apps for Cricket Fans That Will Hit You for Six

Cricket is changing. A sport that was once seen as outdated and boring is experiencing a renaissance. Tweaks to the game’s format, from One-Day Internationals to T20 matches, are making cricket more relevant than ever. Test matches are benefitting, too, as players use the skills that they have learned in the shorter formats of the game to bowl teams out or chase scores.  

Of course, as the sport evolves, so do the platforms fans use to consume the action. Cricket is still watched by billions of people globally, mainly on TV, yet the use of mobile applications is getting increasingly popular. Today, several apps are available for supporters who can’t consume games traditionally, for whatever reason.  

But, as more hit the market, it becomes harder to choose between the selection on offer. What you need to do is to break them down into categories, like the following.  

Exclusive Interviews: The ICC App  

Watching players compete is the main purpose, yet that doesn’t mean the fun ends when the last ball is bowled. Post-match interviews are mandatory in sports, and cricket is no exception as viewers want to know what cricketers are thinking, how they react to wins and losses, and what they’ll do next. And let’s not forget about drama. Emotions run high at the end of a game, making it likely that the guys and girls will say something they shouldn’t, like Chris Gayle’s Big Bash comments.  

The ICC Official App includes several features. However, you can find most of them on other apps. What you can’t find elsewhere are the interviews, pre- and post-match, with the biggest players and personalities in the sport. Being the ICC, the organization can use its status as the game’s regulator to reach out, which means its app is a heavyweight as far as exclusive interviews are concerned.  

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There’s a breaking news segment, too. Again, as the ICC is the governing body of cricket, the reports often break on the app before they are released to the public. The app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store for anyone interested in the players’ latest opinions.  

Cricket apps

Best Commentary: ESPN Cricinfo App  

Commentary is integral to the user experience. Whether it’s a T20 game or a Test match, it’s important to have people on the microphone who understand the ebb and flow of the action. For example, commentators need to be bold and exciting during the fast-paced nature of T20 contests, especially when it’s raining sixes. Test match commentators, on the other hand, should break up the inevitable lulls.  

ESPN Cricinfo was launched in 2011, highlighting how far ahead of the curve the broadcaster is since most of its competitors didn’t invest in apps until much later. A side-effect of being proactive is that the ESPN app could pick its share of the commentators since only a few worked for broadcasters such as Star and Sky Sports. That means former players with an unparalleled understanding of cricket continue to offer their insight to this day, from the late Tony Greig to Wasim Akram and Ravi Shastri. Plus, the likes of Shastri are involved in the modern game – he recently coached India for five years – so his analysis isn’t out of date.  

In addition, respected journalists who provide a different point of view are on the ESPN Cricinfo app. Harsha Bhogle is an excellent example. As a journalist, he has worked for establishments including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation during the 1992 World Cup and the BBC.  

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Cricket Betting: LeoVegas Sport App  

The cricket gambling market is expanding daily, particularly in India where Indian betting revenues are finally realizing their potential. For instance, cricket accounts for nearly 85% of the Indian sports economy, and with tens of millions of bettors, that’s a lot of money going into the industry. So, placing wagers is turning into a popular feature of the sport for fans. Adding value to the user experience is also the number of free bets and deposit bonuses available. Of course, the top cricket betting apps focus on a range of factors, from the range of cricket markets to the number of payment methods and the lowest minimum deposit amounts, thus ensuring most bases are covered for customers. If you must pick one, LeoVegas is considered to be one of the best cricket betting apps, with competitive bonuses that make it attractive to new and existing consumers.  

Fantasy Cricket: Howzat Fantasy Cricket App

A related genre is fantasy cricket. While betting isn’t strictly allowed, the Howzat Fantasy Cricket app does let players compete for prizes. There’s even a welcome bonus of up to 200% for newbies. All you need to do is create a virtual team of real-life players and score as many points as you can against your peers!  

This list only contains a selection of cricket apps. There are tons of them on the market, so you can select the one that is the most suitable. Just make sure you categorize releases based on the features you enjoy the most. 


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